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  The innovative consumer products and services offered by enrich your life by making it more comfortable, convenient and enjoyably since 1993. At we are constantly brainstorming - because "hatching" new ideas is how we pass to our customers even greater value.   We bring in great products from many great ideas. But the more products we bring in, the more we require proficiency in market technology, design and networking.  Enhancing such competencies will make us a formidable marketer, delivering fresh and new concept-driven controlling the brand image.


Marketing: The ability to clearly understand and analyze customer needs and link them to business.



Technology: The ability to develop and pioneer unique product concepts with new proprietary technology and tocommercialize them for global use.


Design: The ability to plan projects and business effectively to maximize results.


Networking: The ability to create win-win relationship opportunities based on one's strengths in specific sectors


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