Seat Cover Installation Intrusctions

If you purchased the seat cover set from our associated sites and looking for installation instructions here they are

General seat covers set Installation Instruction:

Bucket Seats 

1. Remove headrests for easy access.  
2. Push the Seat forward.  
3. Slide the seat cover over the top of the seat until it reaches the bottom of the chair. 
4. Locate the "insert tab" located in the middle of the cover and slip it through the gap between the seat where the back and bottom parts meet.  From the rear side of the seat pull, the slipped-through tap until the cover is set in position. The fit base of the cover is snugly over the seat. 
5. Fasten the elastic clips at the end of the seat covers with supplied "S" hooks and connect them to the elastic on the opposite side or anything the hook can be connected to under the seat.  
6. For armrests (seat covers that do not contain the opening on the side), use a razor or a sharp instrument to create a small hole in the seat cover and slip the armrest through. 
7. Re-insert the headrest into your seat. 8. Place on the headrest cover. 

Bench Seats 

1. If possible, remove the bench seat from the vehicle for easier access. 
2. Remove headrests for easy access. 
3. Slide the top seat cover over (the long piece with the zipper if applicable) the top of the seat until it reaches the bottom of the chair.  Spread and cover from the center to all sides to flatten it.  Tighten the elastics from one end to the other by connecting them with the provided "S" hooks.  Note: If the rear part of the seat can not be reached and the elastics can not be tightened and connected, simply tuck the excess fabrics into the gaps on all sides.  
4. Repeat the same process as #3 to the bench part cover.
5. Note: It rarely occurs where the bench seat belts are a part of the chair and also inhibit the usage of the seat covers. If so, you will need to temporarily detach the seat belts. Consult your vehicle’s manufacturer manual for further information. 

6. Make small incisions for the headrest to get through the cover. (due to different headrest positions between make and    models, the manufacturer can not pre-cut holes) 

7. Re-insert the headrest into your seat. 

8. Place on the headrest cover. 
Steering wheel Cover (if applicable):

Please note the steering wheel cover was intentionally made smaller to prevent it from shifting after it's installed therefore it might require quite a bit of force to install it.  You may place it under direct sunlight for 20 minutes or use the hair dryer to carefully heat it a bit for an easier installation. Once it's ready to be installed starting from the top end and generally twist and pull it down toward the bottom part.

Installation Instruction for the sidelss seat covers: